Territory War

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Rating: 9.3/10 (119 votes cast)

Territory War is a very fun and addictive flash game! It looks and feels a lot like Worms, a very popular console game. For the most part it is a multiplayer game, with an online and an offline mode. On the offline mode you take turns with another player and play from the same PC. On the online mode you can have a quick play with a random opponent over the internet. If you want more, like customizing your stick figures and gathering statistics on your game performance then you need to create a free account. It is quite easy to register and you also have a friend list as an added bonus, to add players you enjoyed playing with!

Unlike Worms, in this game the main characters are a group of stick men, equipped with heavy artillery! The goal of the game is simple. You have to annihilate your opponent’s stick men. The team with the last stick man standing wins! That’s all there is to it. In the online mode after the game ends you can ask for a rematch and add the other player to your friend list.

Game Controls and Mechanics
Just like Worms, this is a turn based strategy game. While in your turn you can move your stick figures up to a fixed distance and then use their weapons to destroy the competition! You have a limited time period to finish you move, so don’t waste your time! Your turn ends once the clocks runs out or after you use a weapon or tool! The weapons used are a shotgun, a grenade, a ground impact grenade and a rocket launcher! What’s more the game arena can be completely altered by weapons, pickaxes or by building walls, leaving plenty of room for your strategic mind to unfold its potential!

Final Thoughts
Territory War is an online game that can give your hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Every time there is a brand new opponent of different skill level and there is always something to learn from him to make you even better. It is great for any strategy game lover and the competition on the internet will make you play it over and over again!

Territory War, 9.3 out of 10 based on 119 ratings
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